Have you ever wondered that a self-learning tool can completely reform the kitchen! Things could be so much easier! Desire for one such app for restaurants? To your surprise, there is undoubtedly a tool that can make a kitchen an easy programmable one. Timeinator is the app- which can make the kitchen digital. Its main objective is the provision of a customization timer for restaurants. Due to its accessible programmable features, it can be the most appropriate kitchen investment. 


So let’s check out why one should invest in this excellent app to get the proper Smart Restro kitchens:

Cooking Time Setup:

The excellent restaurant app for the kitchen provides virtually unlimited space for you to set the main cooking times for the complete menu. It also has the additional feature to automatically keep track of food holding times. No more worries about setting up the cooking time. 

Act as the appropriate training software

It has many additional features, and training is one of them. Timeinator uses text, colours and variable images, which adequately teaches the staff many cooking tips. It’s an ideal training tool and helps the employees to cook specific menu items. It can prove to be the perfect app for restaurants. Isn’t that great as each restaurant has its signature food?

Perfect employee performance chart:

The ideal cook time is what matters. It acts as the perfect application for the measurement of staff performance. It helps in the adequate engagement of the operations, called workplace gamification. Each step during the cooking process needs to be taken care of, making your food special. 

New recipe added to the master account:


Every restaurant keeps growing with the addition of a new recipe. So this application allows the staff to introduce the latest recipes and impress the new audiences quickly. It helps in attracting many food lovers. Of course, people love new tastes and new experiments, even if it’s food! So it serves the best to add a new recipe now and then, also for the more prominent restaurants with many outlets spread in various locations. 

Customization as per the restaurant:


The application is outstanding in getting customised. One can change the theme of the application accordingly. General recipes are provided and can be easily customised as per the restaurant’s demand. Isn’t that great?

Free of Cost :

If you have any of the new updates, they can be forwarded to all the chains of the restaurants. So each time any new update pops up, it can be easily distributed to the variable outlets, bringing up the uniformity of the staff. Also, no additional charges are needed for the app. 


It seems like the app is terrific and worth installing in the restaurant’s kitchen. 

Additionally, let's understand some of the additional benefits which you might not get in the conventional restaurant kitchens:

  • No missing out any checks anymore with the help of the Alert and Push Notifications.

  • It’s massively customizable and accustomed to any environment.

  • It supports multilingual capabilities.

  • It has better insight into how food safety is being done in variable locations.

  • No more paperwork to manage.


So check out Timeinator, one of the best apps for restaurant owners! What are you waiting for?

Introduce the innovative retro kitchens and stir the magic in the food!