Demo, setup and use our powerful restaurant kitchen timer FREE for 14 days. Easily edit our demo menu items, equipment and cook station screens to use in your restaurant. Continue your Timeinator Basic subscription for just $29.99 mo. 



Timeinator Basic $29.99 mo

Timeinator Basic $29.99 mo Access 6 cook screens, able to view one cook station at a time without premium plan. No employee performance tracking or reporting. No access to expo station facilitator.

Demo Equipment Library

Bus Station (Janitorial), Brick Pizza Oven, Char Grill, Convection Oven, Deep Fryer 1, Deep Fryer 2, Griddle, Hot Food Holding Cabinet, NY Pizza Oven, Proofing Box and a Stove Top Burner Configuration.

Each Piece of Equipment is customizable. You may add new equipment options by purchasing a premium plan.

Demo Menu Library

The Demo Menu Items preloaded in The Timeinator include: French Fries, Onion Rings, Mozzarella Stix, Chicken Wings, Hamburger, Chicken Fingers, Grilled Chicken Breast, Catfish, Tilapia, Cheese Pizza, Large Pizza Dough, Detergent Bucket and Sanitizer Bucket. 

You have the option to customize the names, training instruction and total cook times for each demo menu item. Pictures, Background Colors can also be edited for these items. Adding new menu items requires the purchase of a premium plan. 

Demo Cooking or Timing Zones

The Timeinator comes preloaded with 6 Demo cook stations. Each station is designed to fit on one Android tablet screen. 

You have full control to edit the demo layouts so that they are usable in your facility. 

Timeinator Premium

All the functionality of the Timeinator Basic Plan plus… Add unlimited menu items, add unlimited equipment, add unlimited cook station configurations. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu management. Workplace gamification… (Employee performance reporting). Access to purchase expo facilitator features.

Fully Customizable Equipment Library


Fully Customizable Menu Library


Build Your Kitchen

Easily layout Timeinator to match your cook line & overall business layout. Unlimited Areas, & Timers. Limited only by your imagination.

Employee Performance Tracking & Reporting

Timeinator encourages attentiveness, friendly competition & fun. Timeinator Premium pioneers the concept of workforce gamification by allowing employees to clock into the timer and earn points based upon following cooking instructions in a timely manor. Game performance determines job performance!

Timeinator 5

All premium features. Stats for up to 5 employees.

$39.99 mo

Timeinator 10

All premium features. Stats for up to 10 employees.

$49.99 mo

Timeinator 25

All premium features. Stats for up to 25 employees.

$59.99 mo

Timeinator 100

All premium features. Stats for up to 100 employees.

$69.99 mo

Enterprise management accounts are available for organizational control from your central office. Push new products and specs out to all your units simultaneously. Contact us for information and pricing.
Get Started Special

US $299.00

2 Android Tablets (approximately 10 inch), 2 Android Tablets Mounts (Choice of magnetic, wall, stand or clamp), Professional setup, and 3 months premium Timeinator membership.


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